Assistance getting mpeg files to work with 3.1 kaboodle (libarts)

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Wed Feb 12 20:07:55 GMT 2003

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On Wednesday February 12, 2003 11:20, Sheldon White wrote:
> greetings!
> I've been using KDE a long time, and everything was working correctly in
> version 3.1-beta2. I coould play MPEG video files with Kaboodle.
> Since I have built the final 3.1 version, this has broken and I'm trying
> to troubleshoot. Kaboodle (and presumably aRts) doesn't recognize the
> .mpg files and they don't show up in the file dialog when the "All
> Supported Files" option is selected. When I switch back to my old beta2
> version they do. Short of doing a full rebuild with debugging symbols,
> are there diagnostic tricks, aRts config files etc that I can check out?
> I have done clean rebuilds with no success.

You need to have xine-lib 0.9.13 installed.  Install it, re-configure, 
build, and install kdemultimedia.  That will give you video again.

> When I try running the kdemultimedia-3.1/mpeglib/example/mpgplay/mpgplay
> test program, it *does* play the file correctly. When I try running the
> mpeglibarts program, it *does not* play the file correctly (printing out
> 'can't play this').

Mpeglib's video playback is no longer used, as it doesn't implement the new 
video interface.

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