Assistance getting mpeg files to work with 3.1 kaboodle (libarts)

Sheldon White sheldonw at
Wed Feb 12 19:20:07 GMT 2003


I've been using KDE a long time, and everything was working correctly in version 3.1-beta2.
I coould play MPEG video files with Kaboodle.
Since I have built the final 3.1 version, this has broken and I'm trying to troubleshoot. Kaboodle
(and presumably aRts) doesn't recognize the .mpg files and they don't show up in the file dialog
when the "All Supported Files" option is selected. When I switch back to my old beta2 version they do.
Short of doing a full rebuild with debugging symbols, are there diagnostic tricks, aRts config files etc
that I can check out? I have done clean rebuilds with no success.

When I try running the kdemultimedia-3.1/mpeglib/example/mpgplay/mpgplay test program, it *does* play the file correctly.
When I try running the mpeglibarts program, it *does not* play the file correctly (printing out 'can't play this').

Thanks for any tips you might offer...

-sheldon white-  :^/

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