[Bug 66072] playlist statistics generation (html).

Nick Shafff shafff at ukr.net
Thu Dec 4 20:18:00 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From shafff at ukr.net  2003-12-04 21:17 -------
>> noatun has even less features (kde 3.1.1a) 
> I don't understand that sentence, we don't remove features, usually we 
> add them.
i mean noatun has less (nto more) features than xmms.

> And btw, kde 3.1.1 is old. 
i cant download every kde bugfix release

> for a grabber you just type audiocd://
yes, it converts on-the-fly, but it uses lamelib 3.93, w/o --alt-presets
and i prefer lame 3.90.3 (i have only executable, w/o lib) and '--alt-preset standard' option

artsd vs oss vs alsa: forget. just wait for few years and then we'll see

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