[Bug 66072] playlist statistics generation (html).

Stefan Gehn mETz81 at web.de
Thu Dec 4 20:00:59 GMT 2003

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------- Additional Comments From mETz81 at web.de  2003-12-04 21:00 -------
> I cant find *real* replace for winamp - xmms crashes on non-existing file,
well, winamp crashes a lot for me when I'm under windows :)
My xmms doesn't crash on non existing files.

> i cant move more than one file in playlist at the same time... 
Uhm, hold Ctrl down while you select the items you want to move, now drag them somewhere else. Both Noatuns default splitplaylist and my own flexplaylist do that fine.

> noatun has even less features (kde 3.1.1a) 
I don't understand that sentence, we don't remove features, usually we add them. And btw, kde 3.1.1 is old.
> i just want flexible grabber, player and music-manager. And they should be
> integrated each vs other.
For the music-manager there's Juk, for a grabber you just type audiocd://, for everyday-playing I'd prefer noatun or xmms over JuK.
> btw: cant understand why artsd is still developed - both oss and arts aint
> work fine (4 me)
You're mixing up things and alsa does
a) not work properly for everbody so oss is still fine
b) does not give you software-mixing of sounds if your soundcard does not do this (artsd can do that and is one reason for having it)
c) lacks both readable documentation and changelogs so you have no idea how to fix your install

Anyway, if I have the time after 3.2 is out I'll try to do a template-based html playlist export with optional statistics, for Noatun of course.

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