Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Sat Aug 23 11:17:12 BST 2003

CVS commit by akrille: 

After two weeks of holiday and one week at home both filled with a lot of
work on KRec I will commit a first version of it now.

Lot of thinks have changed:
 - New Icon (previous commit)
 - (internal) New structure for files. A File consists af multiple buffers
   which contain the raw-data. That way it is possible to have multiple buffers
   laying one over the other to have multiple non-destructive recordings/edits.
   For playback (not yet implemented) the top-most buffer is used. Think of it
   like the parts in every advanced sound-editor (Cubase, Cakewalk, etc)...
 - An own fileformat (not yet stable) which is simply a tgz with a dir (named
   from the basename of the file) with all the raw-files of the buffers and a
   project.rc with all the other information like samplerate, channels, bits,
   number of buffers/files and a section for each buffer with its startposition
   and the name of the according file.
   This format can currently be saved and loaded :-)
 - New Gui which still needs a lot of work. It now uses StereoVolumeControlGui
   from artsmodules instead of its own VU-Meters.
 - Recording in various samplerate/bits/channels combinations with a new dialog
   to select these settings.
 - More standard-actions.

 - Playback
 - Exporting (wav/mp3/ogg/others)
 - Editing (Cut, Copy, Paste, Effects)
All these require the KRecFile to be able to deliver QByteArrays starting at
every wanted position regardless which buffer is (or are) the relevant. Thats
one of my next TODOs.
 - Currently no support for multiple files like before but this is also on todo.
 - Import of raw/wav/mp3/ogg/others.

A lot of things are still TODO so stay tuned for more cool features coming up.

CCMAIL: kde-multimedia at mail.kde.org
        (its a multimedia-relevant big change)
CCMAIL: dkite at netidea.com
        (yes, I want into the cvs-digest ;-) )

  A            krecfile.cpp   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecfile.h   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecfileview.cpp   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecfileview.h   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecglobal.cpp   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecglobal.h   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecnewproperties.cpp   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecnewproperties.h   1.1 [GPL]
  A            krecord_private.h   1.1 [GPL]
  A            timedisplay.ui   1.1
  A            timedisplay.ui.h   1.1 [no copyright]
  M +24 -16    Makefile.am   1.18
  M +248 -251  krecord.cpp   1.26
  M +8 -71     krecord.h   1.12
  M +17 -7     krecui.rc   1.4
  M +2 -2      main.cpp   1.11

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