unreadable message

Thomas Zander zander at planescape.com
Thu Aug 21 19:21:16 BST 2003

The following message is something I barely understood, only because I removed
arstd moments before, I am not sure users will understand this;

    "During the previous startup, KNotify crashed while instantiating "
                      "KNotify. Do you want to try again or disable "
                      "aRts sound output?

Biggest problem is that knotify is instanciating knotify.  I thought that that
was a typo, but whatever it is, the knotify (twice) reference is not helping.

Please change this.

On another note; I always chmod 000 artsd (don't ask, you don't want to hear
the answer).
Recently KDE stopped starting up when I did this, someone (I guess knotify) was
trying to start arstd again, and again and again. Untill I killed it.

Please take a look at that.
Thomas Zander

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