kdebase/kcontrol/arts [POSSIBLY UNSAFE]

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Wed Aug 20 12:30:39 BST 2003

CVS commit by akrille: 

Applying a patch from Henrique Pinto <stampede at coltec.ufmg.br> for the usability.

Couldn't test the midi-parts of the kcm-module since they never recogniced my midi-devices :-(

CCMAIL: kde-multimedia at mail.kde.org
CCMAIL: stampede at coltec.ufmg.br

  A            generaltab.ui   1.1
  A            hardwaretab.ui   1.1
  M +1 -3      Makefile.am   1.13
  M +152 -224  arts.cpp   1.87 [POSSIBLY UNSAFE: printf]
  M +13 -13    arts.h   1.31

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