arts active but no sound

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Sat Aug 16 10:04:08 BST 2003

On Friday August 15 2003 19:15, Martin Koller wrote:
> I'll try to test it - maybe there were really two instances of arts
> running. Hmm .. this shouldn't be possible, right?

It is possible, AFAIK, if one is started with X11GlobalComm and the other one 
with TmpGlobalComm - or if they're started from different users.

> > > ps -ef|grep arts
> > > root     24406 23395  1 15:23 pts/7    00:03:34 artsd -l 0
> > > root     24408 24406  0 15:23 pts/7    00:00:00 artsd -l 0
> >
> > So you started it manually with debug output. Is there anything the debug
> > output could tell?
> Yes.
> e.g. that artsd started, but doesn't use oss or whatever, but instead using
> null

Very interesting, since artsshell said, that artsd is properly using the oss 
device. It really looks like there are two artsds running. Oh, did you do all 
your testing as root?

> BTW: what is the sense behind running artsd with the null-output device ?
> If I can't hear anything, what is it worth having artsd running?

artsd is more than a mixer daemon. You can also grab the output stream and 
record it to disk or beam it to another computer over the network. So the 
null output device has it's uses. I KDE it's mainly used so that programs 
expecting artsd to be there don't fail.

> > > BTW: Is there any possibility to cancel a job which is displayed in the
> > > audio- manager of artscontrol?
> >
> > If you know what process is holding a reference to the AudioMangerClient
> > you can kill that process, but there's nothing artsd can do.
> I don't know how artsd is working with multiple processes, but
> can artsd not simply close the connection to a process, or clean the queue?

The problem is, that artsd might be able to delete the AudioManagerClient but 
it cannot stop the process that created the Client. This would most probably 
result in a crash of the process that was using the Client.
Just in case this isn't clear: aRts uses MCOP for IPC - something CORBA-like, 
optimized for multimedia - meaning, that another program can create objects 
in the artsd process while the control of those objects remains in the other 
process. Now you see, if you just delete those objects the controling process 
is bound to have a problem.

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