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Thu Aug 14 17:39:27 BST 2003

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Hi all,

What problem can it be, if I have an active arts (see artsshell status below), 
but when I play a song with noatun, I simply hear nothing?
(Yes, I have checked the volume with kmix)

If I open atrscontrol and have a look into Audio Manager, I have a list of 
about 15 entries, all without a text in the "Title" column, and all of them 
saying "play out_soundcard" (only the last entry is noatun play 
artscontrol also displays a static (means: no change in height as when it 
works correctly) volume bar at about 24

Working with KDE-3.1.2 on RedHat 7.2 on a Laptop.
Can it be a problem with the Laptop suspend? (Because yesterday it already 

artsshell status:
server status: busy
real-time status: not started through real-time wrapper
server buffer time: 46.4399 ms
buffer size multiplier: 1
minimum stream buffer time: 46.4399 ms
auto suspend time: 0 s
audio method: oss
sampling rate: 44100
channels: 2
sample size: 16 bits
duplex: half
device: /dev/dsp
fragments: 8
fragment size: 1024

ps -ef|grep arts
root     24406 23395  1 15:23 pts/7    00:03:34 artsd -l 0
root     24408 24406  0 15:23 pts/7    00:00:00 artsd -l 0
root      5745 22590  0 18:31 pts/5    00:00:02 artscontrol

BTW: Is there any possibility to cancel a job which is displayed in the audio-
manager of artscontrol?

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Best regards/Schöne Grüße


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