Proposal for KDE media interface

Morten Hustveit morten at
Wed Aug 6 15:26:33 BST 2003

On Wednesday 06 August 2003 15:41, Avi wrote:
> - There are many media formats that are not based on encoded media, like
> Flash

Since Flash is interactive, I don't think it fits into a framwork even 
remotely like this.  Its functionality is more similar to that of KSVG, and 
should have (roughly) the same interface.

> , or some Real content, 

Don't know what this is.

> or Midi.

MIDI support requires supporting yet another category of hardware, and I've 
never seen it used in conjunction with streamed audio or video.  I think this 
too should be kept in a different framework.  Also, most advanced MIDI 
applications will probably want to deal with the individual drivers 
themselves (being only OSS/Free and ALSA for *NIX, as far as I know), because 
of the differences in functionality.  I've written a MIDI sequencer myself 
(Sanetracker in kmusic), so I have some experience with this.

> - The most important thing is a documentataion about how to write
> plugins.

I'm not going to post any source code for review unless it's fully documented.  
You can quote me on this.

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