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Wed Aug 6 14:41:20 BST 2003

Very good initiative!
Some comments:

- Think about integrating it with the kfile_* framework. KFile has the
ability to get some meta info from the files, like bitrate and ID3 tags.
- There are many media formats that are not based on encoded media, like
Flash, or some Real content, or Midi. A generic player using your API
should be able to play these formats also.
- The most important thing is a documentataion about how to write

Thank you,

On Tue, 5 Aug 2003 23:06:43 +0200, "Morten Hustveit" <morten at>
> Today I wrote a sample interface for handling media files (audio and
> video, 
> not MIDI) in KDE.  It features raw read and write access, as well as 
> playback.  It's intended to have multiple backends, specifically for 
> OSS/Free, ALSA and aRts, but more may be added.
> Having a full media implementation in kdelibs removes the requirement
> that 
> users must run a sound server.  Also, for users wanting to run a sound 
> server, it ensures that they can run the server of their choice -- not 
> necessarily the one KDE developers prefers.  When the sound server
> becomes 
> deprecated, it does not require a change in the API to use a new one.
> When a user is not running a sound server, the kernel driver decides
> whether 
> or not multiple processes can access the sound device simultaneously.
> I have already implemented a similar system in a game engine, so writing
> the 
> implementation for this one should be mostly copying and pasting.  If I
> get 
> support on this, I will write the mentioned backends, a Control Center 
> module, as well as the mandatory libxine, libmad and libvorbis plugins.
> The interface is documented at 
> <>.  I'll delay 
> implementation until you people tell me what's wrong with the interface.
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