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Tue Sep 10 11:15:30 BST 2002

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On Tuesday September 10, 2002 02:45, Ryan Cumming wrote:
> Hi,
> Now that we have xine_artsplug, I suggest that we associate Kaboodle and
> Noatun with all file formats that it supports. Currently, AVI and QT
> movies are associated with aKtion, which barely works. Any objections?

Are there actual magic-enabled mime-types to add here?  I'd rather not 
associate kaboodle with a bunch of Windows-esque *.[A-Za-z]{1-3} format 
file types, and get a bunch of bug reports about why one file or another 
doesn't get played, because the windows-style handling was too coarse for 

If the new mime-types can be more specific, then I think it'd be a good 

> Also, should aKtion even be compiled by default? It seems to have
> outlived its useful lifetime. Maybe it could be moved to extragear?

If it's maintained, I see no reason to remove it.

If it's unmaintained, I see no reason to keep it in the release.

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