Which Xine to require?

Neil Stevens neil at qualityassistant.com
Fri Sep 6 16:00:58 BST 2002

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Persistence pays I guess...  I just recompiled xine-lib and kde for about 
the 20th time since I started getting my old crash, and now it suddenly 
works again.   I did nothing different, and I'm still using xine-lib 
0.9.13, so I guess I'll never know the problem.  I'm going to grab a 
screenshot now for kaboodle's page and Xine's page in case it breaks 
again. :-)

So now I wonder, should KDE go for 0.9.14 or 0.9.13?  Ewald and the xine 
page both say that 0.9.14 is a major BIC release.  Comments?

Ewald: Now I can say with confidence that the arts and xine_artsplug parts 
of the patch seem to work fine.  Please commit them.  I'll test and commit 
the kaboodle patch later today or something.

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