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Fri Oct 25 10:03:02 BST 2002

> Well, until someone steps up and adds more to <KDE multimedia Framework>,
nothing will get done.

Ok, here is what I do. I did not contribute to KDE up to now, so you might
want to ignore my opinion. 
 When I started this thread, I was looking for a way to read arbitrary
format video/audio files, edit, display, and write them within KDE. 
 I looked around and tried out a lot of src since then and found that
aRts::video is not a video framework right now. It is very nive and easy to just
display video in with it though.
 GStreamer wrappers are incomplete, maybe a little buggy, but in principle
they do work. In particuler, the _infrastructure_ of a video framework is
 I conclude for my purpose the best thing available right now are
GStreamer++ wrappers. I will use (and debug as far as it is necessary) GStreamer and
it's wrappers in KDE for now. In case GStreamer API gets somewhat stable at
some point and/or wrappers are pretty in sync, I am happy to stay with
GStreamer. On the other hand, I usually don't like to bother with C code, so if aRts
is going to become a real video framework I will switch if it supports
GStreamer plugins. As I am also involved in writing codecs/effects I would really
appreciate if I would not have to write one codec for KDE and anotherone for


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