Multimedia Frameworks (was Re: aRts documentation)

Jason Wood jasonwood at
Tue Oct 22 17:17:50 BST 2002

On Tuesday 22 Oct 2002 4:22 pm, Tim Jansen wrote:
> > while ago (January/April?). As for today, I find bindings for GStreamer
> > (well documented) which seem to work for a rudimentary set of features,
> > but seme to have no real user.
> And thus a large percentage is untested. I wouldnt recommend you to use
> them, unless you are also willing to spend some time debugging them (and
> possibly even GStreamer). GStreamer 0.4.0 had a number of problems, for
> example seeking and pausing/restarting a stream did not always work. They
> may have been fixed in 0.4.1, I didnt spend enough time with 0.4.1 to judge
> how stable it is. Beside stability issues, you would probably need to write
> a KIO input and/or output plugin for GStreamer (I started one, but didn't
> finish it).

Hi Tim,

You or someone else might be able to help me answer a question I am currently 
trying to answer intelligently :-)

I am (slowly) writing a video editor for KDE/Linux. For the most part I have 
been focusing on the interface, but I have now started looking around at the 
various multimedia frameworks on Linux to figure out which is the most 
appropriate to start hacknig away on.

The big choices seem to be aRts or GStreamer, and whilst I am not expecting 
either to completely fulfill my needs (otherwise video editors would be ten a 
penny), I am willing to work on one of them until it does.

So my question is, at this moment in time, which (out of GStreamer and aRts) 
is more suited, or shows most promise for writing video editing applications?

Oh, and just in case anyone is interested with helping, here's the link to the 
kdenlive homepage ;-)


Jason Wood
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