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Tim Jansen tjansen at
Tue Oct 22 16:22:43 BST 2002

On Tuesday 22 October 2002 15:57, Peter.Q at wrote:
> I am trying to play a little with video in KDE. 

If you just want to play a video, use the arts video widget. It will be 
included in KDE 3.1, and the GST bindings won't.

> while ago (January/April?). As for today, I find bindings for GStreamer
> (well documented) which seem to work for a rudimentary set of features, but
> seme to have no real user. 

And thus a large percentage is untested. I wouldnt recommend you to use them, 
unless you are also willing to spend some time debugging them (and possibly 
even GStreamer). GStreamer 0.4.0 had a number of problems, for example 
seeking and pausing/restarting a stream did not always work. They may have 
been fixed in 0.4.1, I didnt spend enough time with 0.4.1 to judge how stable 
it is. Beside stability issues, you would probably need to write a KIO input 
and/or output plugin for GStreamer (I started one, but didn't finish it).

In the next 6-12 months I intend to maintain the GST bindings and sync them 
with new GStreamer releases, but I am not going to develop any apps before 
KDE 3.2 is out and GStreamer reached 0.5.

> supported. Then, I see that there is an aRts sink for GStreamer. Does that
> work? 

Yes, but it is only a output plugin (it lets GStremer use Arts as a sound 

> Is point 4. in above cited post still true, I mean "I havent seen any
> progress...two years..."?

I havent seen any video-related developments since I wrote that mail, except 
the Xine plugin and the GST bindings.


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