Problems with kdemultimedia package

Matthias Welwarsky matze at
Sat Oct 19 19:56:08 BST 2002

On Saturday 19 October 2002 19:43, Roger Larsson wrote:
> On lördagen den 19 oktober 2002 12.41, Christopher S Horler wrote:
> > I've not been following this list in too much detail for a while now.
> > This email brings to light some concerning issues.
> >
> > Arts isn't maintained anymore, presumably there is some plan of action -
> > changing sound server (to a maintained one)?
> I do think that arts is maintained, but by too few people. I have
> been trying to help. But it is hard to find your way around.
> One example - ogg is supported with tree different approaches
> * oggvorbis_artsplugin
> * mpeglib_artsplug/oggPlayObject_impl
> * arts/flow/gsl/gslloader-oggvorbis
> This causes some problems - see Bug 37251 as an example...
> I had made a patch for oggvorbis_artsplugin
> But got the answer - It is old... should not be used...
> The newest (I think) is gslloader-oggvorbis, and it works. But most people
> use mpeglib unknowingly...

Please try the attached patch and tell me if it works now. It should result in 
GSLPlayObject being preferred over OGGPlayObject if streaming is not needed. 

> How do the core developers use it? Could you please remove code that
> is not expected to be used?

Sometimes, different versions of playobjects support different types of 
features/interfaces. That's the reason why there's two different playobjects 
for Ogg Vorbis - the one in mpeglib_artsplugin supports streaming, the one in 
arts does not.


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