Problems with kdemultimedia package

Roger Larsson roger.larsson at
Sat Oct 19 18:43:51 BST 2002

On lördagen den 19 oktober 2002 12.41, Christopher S Horler wrote:
> I've not been following this list in too much detail for a while now. 
> This email brings to light some concerning issues.
> Arts isn't maintained anymore, presumably there is some plan of action -
> changing sound server (to a maintained one)?

I do think that arts is maintained, but by too few people. I have
been trying to help. But it is hard to find your way around.
One example - ogg is supported with tree different approaches
* oggvorbis_artsplugin
* mpeglib_artsplug/oggPlayObject_impl
* arts/flow/gsl/gslloader-oggvorbis

This causes some problems - see Bug 37251 as an example...
I had made a patch for oggvorbis_artsplugin
But got the answer - It is old... should not be used...
The newest (I think) is gslloader-oggvorbis, and it works. But most people
use mpeglib unknowingly...

How do the core developers use it? Could you please remove code that
is not expected to be used?

One future alternative is to go with Jack (possibly by moving arts in
that direction) since it has better support in the whole Linux audio


Roger Larsson

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