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Friday 18 October 2002 01:11 pm, skrev Pavel Troller:
> Hi!
>   Sorry for crossposting this mail, but I'm trying to get at least SOME
> responses...
>   I have a feeling that kdemultimedia (and its "branch" in kdeaddons),
> one of the most popular and useful packages in KDE, are somewhat
> orphaned... It seems that there are many bugs which nobody tries to fix
> :-(. I did my best to help at least to track them down (by sending a
> backtraces, for which I've spent many hours of compiling and preparing to
> generate them). Sorry that I cannot do a real fixes but simply at my 40+'s
> it's not easy to learn C++ to the level which is required for it :-(.

Well, I try to fix crashes, but the age of my computer is... painfully 
apparent.  gdb here is nearly unusable (speedwise).  I appreciate your 
efforts, but often enough merely a backtrace is not enough.

And yes you can expect more patches to noatun before the release.

>   So, the most annoying ones:
>   1) From upgrading to qt-3.1b2, noatun crashes on exit. Backtrace sent
>      to kde-devel on Oct, 9. Still crashes.
Must be a Qt bug.  You'd be able to more easily get my attention by using 

>   3) For somebody (not me) noatun causes artsd to crash because of a
>      "Preserve frequencies" feature in pitchablespeed. So somebody removed
>      the feature instead of a real fix. And it's soooooooo nifty feature!
>      The sound is not perfect in comparison with the proffessional
>      harmonizer, but simply - it's nice to have it. Now I have one sticky
>      tag to keep it, because it works here.

I commited that, arts has no maintainer.  The bitrot has begun.

And a feature that crashes my machine is one that will be not shipped; because 
I will inevitably be held to blame for if it fails for someone else, and you 
try to tell a user "yeah, it crashes here too, see how competent we are?" ...

>   And some less but also annoying ones:
>   4) In the noatun's equalizer, the 14kHz slider doesn't have any effect
>      (don't blame my ears - yes, I'm 40+ but I still CAN hear above 14 kHz
>       and my KOSS Porta PRO headphones are able to reproduce them :-) ).
>      Either implement it (better way) or remove the slider.
I don't believe you.  Be aware the slider is logarithmic.  You won't easily be 
able to hear the effect unless you raise the level isntead of lowering it.  
This is something I have in store for kde 3.2, with a major Eq overhaul, 
implmenting some really cool stuff.

My peak is a mere 14kHz in fact, and I'm merely 18.  I suspect it's more to do 
with genes and less to due with age.  Although I guess going to rock concerts 
doesn't help either ;)

>   5) Setting the stereo balance in noatun (like from the Winamp interface)
>      doesn't work. One must use kmix.
That's because it's a useless feature, hence never implemented.

Or not one useful enough to warrant my adding it, and its cpu usage.

>   6) There are effects available in noatun which are doing nothing because
>      they cannot be controlled (STEREO_PITCH_SHIFT) or just distort
>      the sound (STEREO_PITCH_SHIFT_FFT). Either make them working or remove
>      them.
Arts has no maintainer now, AFAIK.  Shame, isn't it.  What's necessary is for 
their mcopclass file to be appropriately changed so they don't fall into the 
noatun filter.  Patches accepted.

>   I'm a very big fan of the computer multimedia, especially sound

I just like music, so I wrote a media player.  Except getting whiny emails 
from users who don't like the software they're getting for free because of a 
bug that's not in my code doesn't exactly motivate me, and the complaining of 
certain developers due to certain design decisions that I made in the 
software I wrote over the course of two and a half years also doesn't exactly 
float my boat.  I don't exactly see Alan Cox waving a banner with a certain 
multi-pronged eating utensil in front of Linus Torvalds.

> processing - a simple tape recorder was my most favorite toy from my 4. I'm
> also a very big fan of KDE and I would like to see 3.1 really perfect.
> Maybe I'm a bit biased but I think that kdemultimedia is currently one of
> the most unstable part of it. I'm wishing the programmers unlimited sources
> of power to complete their Sisyphos's work with bug hunting and finishing
> their big work!

Noatun never crashes for me, that's all that counts, as far as I'm concerned.

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