Problems with kdemultimedia package

Pavel Troller patrol at
Fri Oct 18 21:11:47 BST 2002

  Sorry for crossposting this mail, but I'm trying to get at least SOME
  I have a feeling that kdemultimedia (and its "branch" in kdeaddons),
one of the most popular and useful packages in KDE, are somewhat orphaned...
It seems that there are many bugs which nobody tries to fix :-(. I did my
best to help at least to track them down (by sending a backtraces, for which
I've spent many hours of compiling and preparing to generate them). Sorry that
I cannot do a real fixes but simply at my 40+'s it's not easy to learn C++ to
the level which is required for it :-(.
  So, the most annoying ones:
  1) From upgrading to qt-3.1b2, noatun crashes on exit. Backtrace sent
     to kde-devel on Oct, 9. Still crashes.
  2) Artsbuilder crashes when the synthesis is started. Backtrace sent to
     kde-multimedia on Oct, 9 and at least once before a long time to
     kde-devel. No response, no fix.
  3) For somebody (not me) noatun causes artsd to crash because of a
     "Preserve frequencies" feature in pitchablespeed. So somebody removed
     the feature instead of a real fix. And it's soooooooo nifty feature!
     The sound is not perfect in comparison with the proffessional
     harmonizer, but simply - it's nice to have it. Now I have one sticky
     tag to keep it, because it works here.
  And some less but also annoying ones:
  4) In the noatun's equalizer, the 14kHz slider doesn't have any effect
     (don't blame my ears - yes, I'm 40+ but I still CAN hear above 14 kHz
      and my KOSS Porta PRO headphones are able to reproduce them :-) ).
     Either implement it (better way) or remove the slider.
  5) Setting the stereo balance in noatun (like from the Winamp interface)
     doesn't work. One must use kmix.
  6) There are effects available in noatun which are doing nothing because
     they cannot be controlled (STEREO_PITCH_SHIFT) or just distort
     the sound (STEREO_PITCH_SHIFT_FFT). Either make them working or remove
  I'm a very big fan of the computer multimedia, especially sound processing -
a simple tape recorder was my most favorite toy from my 4. I'm also a very
big fan of KDE and I would like to see 3.1 really perfect. Maybe I'm a bit
biased but I think that kdemultimedia is currently one of the most unstable
part of it. I'm wishing the programmers unlimited sources of power to complete
their Sisyphos's work with bug hunting and finishing their big work!

                                               With regards, Pavel Troller

P.S. If replying into kde-multimedia, please Cc: me, I'm not the list member.
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