n900 kontact-mobile new experimental package set in testing

Jeffery MacEachern j.maceachern at gmail.com
Wed Aug 18 21:00:35 CEST 2010

2010/8/18 Björn Balazs <b at lazs.de>:
> Thank you for your feedback, Jeffery.
> Aus der Nachricht vom Wednesday 18. August 2010:
>> I just tried the new packages, and it definitely is /much/ faster, if
>> still a bit below where users would expect it to be. Startup still
>> tries to start Nepomuk & Friends, but killing them via qdbus[1] works
>> fine. In particular, the Actions panels (what is the official name of
>> that widget?)
> We call them flaps... :)
>> are much snappier, and I their value. In some places,

Er, that should have been "I now see their value".  It took a bit for
the interaction method to grow on me, but it does work nicely. In
regards to previous comments by others about it maybe not being
immediately clear how to interact with them, how about adding a little
arrow on the edge of the flap? That would make it more obvious that
it's a flick-out/flick-in widget rather than a click-in/click-out
widget like some sidebar docking widgets in other apps.

>> though, the entries overrun the panel size. It's still not entirely
>> clear how to interact with the actual e-mails list, short of tapping
>> to open or deleting; is some of that functionality not implemented
>> yet?
> Obviously there still needs some work to be done. Please wait for updates
> here, to get more functionallity. We want to reach similar functionality to
> the desktop.

Sure. It seems to be coming along now, and is usable enough that I can
try to test it out more.

>> One thing I'm not happy with is the window manager interaction. The
>> task switcher button in the top-left looks and feels out of place
>> because it's smaller than the system icon, and I find myself generally
>> using Ctrl+Backspace rather than trying to hit the button with my
>> thumb or pulling out the stylus.  Also, having to go to the task
>> switcher to exit the app feels clumsy. Any ideas on how to improve
>> that without wasting screen real estate?
> Yea we do have ideas. This is on our agenda and will change in (near) future!.
>> Thanks for the new packages, and good work. :)
> Thanks a lot for testing and giving feedback! It helps a lot to see the
> packages are now running on phones outside our little development group :)

I'm glad to help. How high-volume is the -devel list? I'd like to keep
tabs on what's happening in dev-land, and nobody seems to blog about
it on the Planet. (That said, if no blogging makes developers code
faster, go for it.)

> Best,
> Björn

  - Jeffery MacEachern
>>  - Jeffery MacEachern
>> [1]: qdbus and qdbusviewer for Maemo5 are not included in the
>> packages, last I checked, but you can find them here for convenience:
>> http://adrestia.creativemisconfiguration.com/files/ffejery/maemo/qt/
>> 2010/8/18 Bernhard Reiter <bernhard at intevation.de>:
>> > Rolf,
>> >
>> > cool, you've got it to work! Thanks for giving them a spin!
>> > I wonder about the 20 minutes, did you use "IMAP" as account type?
>> > Kolab Server uses online imap for emails by default and with my
>> > test account it does not take that long.
>> >
>> > Am Mittwoch, 18. August 2010 17:06:26 schrieb Rolf Offermanns:
>> >> - It is still slow. 3s is an optimistic value for feedback times.
>> >> Opening a mail takes ~10s. Each time.
>> >
>> > Faster for me as well.
>> > Can you check with top what is taking the time?
>> >
>> >> - The dotted background (metal style?) looks nice but decreases
>> >> readability in the list view.
>> >
>> > A known problem: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=247349
>> >
>> >> - There are red entries in the menu(s). Are these developer functions?
>> >> Not implemented yet? What does it mean?
>> >
>> > I cannot say what the red color means, but yes, we are in the process of
>> > implementing these functions fully. I do not know how many of them work.
>> >
>> > Best,
>> > Bernhard
>> >
>> >
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