[Kde-mobile-users] Re: Wanted: Help us to let Kontact Mobile stand the real world test

Rolf Eike Beer kde at opensource.sf-tec.de
Thu Dec 2 08:20:39 CET 2010

Am Montag, 8. November 2010 schrieb Björn Balazs:

> A lot of people from the development team are actually using Kontact Mobile
> as their primary mobile mail and groupware client. And we are constantly
> getting feedback from them. But there are fewer people than we had hoped
> out in the non-developing world that also give us feedback.

Ok, here is a bit more feedback. I'm using the packages from 2 days ago and 
only have tested KMail so far.

-everything below inbox does not work, it will crash within seconds. But I see 
that there is content in the folders so that works now. Interestingly it works 
with an empty folder.

-when I view a mail in the top right there is the "sent $date" message. I 
don't see this localized, I'm using l10n-de. Also the date itself doesn't look 
lokalized (it uses "Wed" instead of "Mit" for example).

-maybe you want to patch the kdelibs to look into the normal ssl store of the 
phone for root certificates instead of shipping their own. It's likely the user 
already has all certificates installed to get rid of the CA warnings.

-when I delete a mail the message list is set back to the beginning. This is 
annoying when I have a long message list.

-I had an email open and wanted to delete it. It took me a while to find out 
that this was in "edit" and not in "email". Still valid, but not totally 

-when I create a favorite from a folder it would be good to not show an empty 
edit but put the folder name in there. It is very likely that this would get a 
good favorite name.

-in the menu of a folder there is an entry "New email" in the top menu as well 
as below "Mail"

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