D4929: DrKonqi : lldb and Mac support

David Edmundson noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Nov 23 01:07:08 GMT 2018

davidedmundson added a comment.

  > Making DrKonqi standalone is a good step, I'd strongly suggest to move it to KF5 Applications at the first possible occasion.
  That'll probably be when we move to Qt6.
  Ultimately it'd still be the same tarball just in a different folder on an FTP site, so I doubt it really would make anyone's lives easier.
  Generally this patchset is a +1 from me, except for my second comment. It's a shame we pollute the main codebase in a few places for the one backend, but if there's no other option, then we have no choice.
  Can you explain why you detach?  Work to just call quit in the script to solve the hanging issue?


> aboutbugreportingdialog.cpp:39
> -    setWindowIcon(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("help-hint")));
> +    setWindowIcon(QIcon::fromTheme(QStringLiteral("help-hint"), windowIcon()));
>      setWindowTitle(i18nc("@title title of the dialog", "About Bug Reporting - Help"));

icon = QIcon::fromTheme
  if (icon.isValid()) {

is more standard..

Though from the docs:

> Note: On macOS, the window title bar icon is meant for windows representing documents, and will only show up if a file path is also set.

We don't set this, is this an issue?

> backtracegenerator.cpp:140
>      int pos;
> -    while ((pos = m_output.indexOf('\n')) != -1) {
> +    while ((pos = m_output.indexOf('\n')) != -1 && m_proc->state() == QProcess::Running) {
>          QString line = QString::fromLocal8Bit(m_output.constData(), pos + 1);

this seems dangerous for the other clients.

It's not unfeasible for a process to have a load of data still in the buffer when it quits.

I don't know lldb, but it seems you can probably move this to ~149

  R871 DrKonqi


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