D5111: Provide demo/preview for checkable menu items and colour scheme comparison

Hugo Pereira Da Costa noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Mon Mar 20 12:00:19 UTC 2017

hpereiradacosta added a comment.

  Thanks for the set of patches.
  in general, i am ok with the change but:
  - please re-add the screenshot from Review Board. (sorry I was not aware of this review request cause I was not in the list of reviewers, even though official maintainer of oxygen ...)
  - right to left layout action <- no. There is already one at the bottom of the window.
  - this review should really be several, one per feature: one for the checkboxes/radiobuttons in the mdi window, one for the colorschemechooser. Can you split ?
  - finally, there is need for more detail review (once above is done). For instance, in ColorSchemeChooser you use SUPPORT_THEME_SAVING, but this one is set/defined nowhere. So the whole corresponding code should go, right ? Or is it work in progress ? Personally I would disagree with having oxygen-demo being anything other than a demo, and for instance altering configuration. This is not the right place. The right place is the relevant KCM dialog.

  R113 Oxygen Theme


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