D6309: KIconThemes: some additional details about themes & icons on Mac & MSWin

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Wed Jun 21 12:34:06 UTC 2017

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  To be honest I didn't even think of patched libs, certainly not Qt itself. What I *can* think of is a platform theme plugin like the one from plasma-integration, which can serve a comparable purpose (including making the the call to setThemeSearchPath()) even with fully autonomous, standalone applications (cf. my osx-integration project).
  I've followed your rewrite, but elaborated on it, and removed the somewhat confusing wording that combines the concept of standalone applications with a (shared) icon theme in a (system) location. While technically possible such applications aren't truly standalone.
  Side remark: AFAIK only breeze-icons provides the BINARY_ICONS_RESOURCE option, at least in v5.35.0 . It would probably make sense to move the generate_binary_resource() macro from breeze-icons to the ECM, and make a beginning with the implementation of a few other convenience features for building projects for standalone deployment (a predefined macro to indicate the icon theme rcc to embed, but also something like the APPLE_STANDALONE_APPBUNDLE option I've used elsewhere). Mostly beyond the current scope though such changes would affect the text we're discussing here.




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