D6309: KIconThemes: some additional details about themes & icons on Mac & MSWin

Thomas Friedrichsmeier noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Wed Jun 21 10:03:33 UTC 2017

tfry added a comment.

  It's difficult to explain a confusing situation, clearly, but I don't think you succeeded. AFAIU, there are //three// distinct approaches:
  a) embedded icons
  b) QIcon::setThemeSearchPaths()
  c) patched libs
  From the current wording I'm not sure, whether you do or do not want to hint at c) at all. For a) and b), I suggest the following wording:
    On other platforms such as Windows and Mac OS, icon themes are not regularly part of the system,
    though they are available through package management systems (like MacPorts, Fink and
    The deployment strategy for creating standalone applications on those operations systems is to either a) make sure the required icon theme is installed in a suitable (system) location, and use call QIcon::setThemeSearchPaths(), or b) to embed icons as a binary resource as follows:

  R302 KIconThemes


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