[kdepim-users] [KDE/Mac] Usenet/GMane users and the (lack of) future of KNode

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 12 11:59:38 UTC 2016

On Friday February 12 2016 11:44:05 Sandro Knauß wrote:

> But now you step up and feell responsible for this software - great. If you 
> start with your work and take over mantainership, this software has not to 
> die. And we will help you where we can.

I can't find the reply I'm sure I sent on this, so let me resume: I've started looking around in the code, and came to an initial conclusion very quickly that there's too much going on in there that I don't understand (things I think are handled through KItemModels nowadays). Documentation of such APIs focusses on how you use them when you already know what you'd want to use them for so that's not really helping. In short, it seems highly unlikely that I'll be able to do anything useful in terms of porting if it's not under some form of guidance - and clearly there are no others here who care enough about KNode to see what they could do.

Hence this thread revival: it seems that KNode could be split off from KDE PIM into a standalone project (at least for the time being). I just checked a hunch that as basically a KDE3 app it doesn't use Akonadi and turns out to be true in the sense that it works fine without akonadi running. I didn't check if it puts up a DBus interface that could clash with KDEPIM5, but if not it looks like it should be able to run alongside KDEPIM5 apps.

Would splitting this off (and bundling whatever it needs from kdepimlibs4) make it easier to find someone to take over the project?

I hear it's time to propose SoK projects, wouldn't KNode be a good candidate?


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