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Nick Shaforostoff shafff at ukr.net
Thu May 12 05:16:48 UTC 2016

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Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X, KDE Frameworks, David Edmundson, and Martin Gräßlin.


I'm going to be a bit harsh here.

Can you guys *PLEASE* stop making decisions for other platforms, esp. OS X, without including the known active developers, maintainers and users of that platform? There's a KDE-Mac mailing-list that has corresponding groups on here and on Phabricator, for crying out loud.

Also, doesn't HB follow common guidelines for such packaging/distribution systems as almost every other system does, that is, provide all dependencies it can provide and that aren't standard on the host? That would strike me as odd, but if that's the case it's up to them to deal with the issues arising as a result.

I'd also be surprised if HB doesn't provide DBus. DBus may not be a (common) service on stock OS X, you can hardly get around including it in a packaging/distribution system for cross-platform FOSS, like MacPorts, Fink, HB, pkgsrc etc. It's not a hack to build and run DBus on OS X or MSWin, there's upstream support for it and as such DBus can be seen as a cross-platform desktop bus.

On an even more general note, if this is really the 1st patch in an endeavour to move away from DBus then I'd say the cart is being put in front of the horses again. I agree that ultimately it'd be better to allow cross-platform software to tap into existing native technologies. But I'd say it should be up to Qt to replace its DBus API with one that provides the largest common denominator encapsulating native desktop bus equivalents on the various platforms where this is relevant. Or if that's pushing it a bit far, a KF5 framework (KDesktopServices?) that provides such an interface API to native IPC.

Without that, this patch already gives a quick impression of what weaning off DBus is going to do: the code is going to be littered with platform-conditional bits. Replacing DBus with something native is going to make that even more of a maintenance nightmare (if not only because on OS X that almost certainly means using ObjC SDKs). Also don't forget that all .service and .interface files would also need to be replaced (if they cannot be converted on the fly by the interface API).

Repository: kauth


this is the first patch to make kde frameworks build (and then work) without dbus.

this will allow homebrew users use precompiled vanilla Qt to build kde apps on osx. as dbus is not a common service in osx world, kde apps on osx should use native means for interprocess communication instead -- this will make them better citizens in osx ecosystem.


  CMakeLists.txt 48dc2d9 
  autotests/BackendsManager.cpp 59675b3 
  autotests/CMakeLists.txt b53d760 
  autotests/HelperTest.cpp 8050a06 
  src/CMakeLists.txt 1b6930d 
  src/ConfigureChecks.cmake d46761a 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/127896/diff/


compiles fine on osx, compiles fine on linux, tests on linux still pass.


Nick Shaforostoff

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