[KDE/Mac] [OS X] adding a link module to all KF5 targets

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 08:48:41 UTC 2015

On Wednesday September 23 2015 14:34:25 Jeremy Whiting wrote:

>Back to your original question I don't think there is such a place,
>besides patching QtCore itself. Many of the frameworks and
>applications use KI18n, but some don't I don't think there's a common
>location that every application linking against KF5 libraries uses.

Ahhh, thanks Jeremy!

So there's nothing in the ECM that could be set?

It would certainly make sense to add this to the part where the required Qt components are declared.
Correct me if I'm wrong (I haven't yet found the doc for the find_package call in question):
I understand that's done with a macro provided by Qt which receives the required minimum version and the required components, so anything I want to change in there would require changing this expression in all CMake files, or else changing the Qt macro itself?

The CMake documentation for find_package is mute about the CONFIG argument I see being used: where does it come from?

Now this may be a moot point, but if that understanding is true, it seems a bit surprising that the eventuality hasn't been taken into account that that list of components might not be the same on all platforms (i.e. that some might require an additional component systematically)? Wouldn't it have been more future-proof to use a wrapper to that find_package macro (which would also have been perfect for my needs)?

Patching a Qt CMake file is no problem (I'm already patching the source...).

Supposing there is indeed no choice but to patch all toplevel KF5 CMake files, is there at least a distinctive pattern that all those files have *before* the "find Qt5" logic, so that I can write a generic patchfile or script that takes care of that change?


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