[KDE/Mac] Question about goal of Windows/Mac frameworks

Christoph Cullmann cullmann at absint.com
Tue Oct 20 18:23:00 UTC 2015


> Christoph.
> I have had similar goals for a while, but haven't reached the point
> that I was having much success yet in that regard. One thing to keep
> in mind when developing installers, Qt Installer Framework. I did a
> quick test with attica on OS X I can put on reviewboard to see what
> you think. I added a few lines to CMakeLists.txt to make it so you can
> do make package, and it uses CPack and Qt Installer Framework to
> create an installer application which can be used to download both
> attica and attica-devel packages for OSX. I bet we could put together
> a "meta" package for at least KF5 and maybe more which would consist
> of a CMakeLists.txt and a bunch of git clones beneath it could be used
> to create one OSX or Windows installer that could then be used to
> download applications and all their dependencies. I wasn't sure how to
> add dependency information to the result of CPack's QIFW generator,
> but it should be doable.
> The result of all of that would be one tool for OS X and a similar one
> for Windows that work exactly like the Qt online installers. Qt's
> online installers are meant for developers though, not end users, so
> we may need to improve QIF itself to make the resulting installer more
> user friendly, we'll see. I meant to blog about all of this a week or
> so ago, but haven't gotten around to it. What do you think of the idea
> in general though?
I am not really a fan of that idea, to be honest.

I think that is more or less what we had in the past with the "kdewin" installer,
that is like the cygwin installer pulling in all stuff you need and a set of applications
in some common prefix.

I am not sure that was such a success, compared to what e.g. Krita, Marble, Digikam and others do:
individual self-contained installers (or bundles).

I really think we should focus on making frameworks fit for that and not
rebuilding some "micro-distro" with online installer for that operating systems.

But that is just my opinion, perhaps I am wrong with that.


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