[KDE/Mac] [OS X] adding a link module to all KF5 targets

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 14 22:46:24 UTC 2015

On Wednesday October 14 2015 23:46:14 Christoph Cullmann wrote:

> you are aware that with this we introduce just a extra platform we will get bugs
> for? We then not have just Mac/Qt but also Mac/Qt-X11 which is not even officially
> supported by Qt itself?

But what gave you the idea that anyone is aiming to build KF5 for X11 on OS X? Did you deduce that from my argument that users might run KF5 applications in a context where they're expected to interact (and share resources) with non-Qt applications, based on GTk/Gnome? That can work perfectly well with the KDE applications using native displaying APIs.

It's what I am doing right now; in fact, my GTk2 theme is set to QtCurve using the exact same settings as the QtCurve theme I use for KDE.

There might have been an interest to that if Qt5 was more suitable for displaying on a remote X11 display, but it isn't (and XQuartz lacks support for remote GLX). Without that, there is just too little interest in using the xcb plugin to make it a supported configuration. If a given Qt5-based application still works "as is" when you launch it with -platform xcb, that's a bonus, nothing more, nothing else (less).


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