[KDE/Mac] Building Guide? ;)

Marko Käning mk-lists at mailbox.org
Mon Oct 5 05:55:27 UTC 2015

Hi Samuel,

On 04 Oct 2015, at 21:46 , Samuel Gaist <samuel.gaist at kde.org> wrote:
> On a side question, is there any list of KF5 packages that doesn't make sense to build on OS X ?

for KF5 version 5.13 I was able to successfully build all frameworks - omitting (Modem|Network)ManagerQt.

However, on OSX not all are really usable. You may want to check out comments regarding that on [1], which
mentions BluezQt, (Modem|Network)ManagerQt, KCrash (!), KPty, Baloo, KDESu and KGlobalAccel.


 1) That KCrash is listed in there is quite irritating for me… ( @ Ian !!!??? )

 2) I am also not sure whether KGlobalAccel is actually not used/usable on OSX.

I am waiting for David to release the next version 5.15, as 5.14 had some troubles…


[1] http://api.kde.org/frameworks-api/frameworks5-apidocs/

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