[KDE/Mac] Building Guide? ;)

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 05:48:34 UTC 2015

Hi Jeremy,

On 05/10/2015, at 12:24 PM, Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> How are Applications on OS X supposed to use frameworks?

Apple OS X has its own concept of what Frameworks are: basically
a special kind of bundle through which your "company's" apps
can use shared libraries, shared files, headers, doco, …  See
There are also standard system Frameworks for accessing Apple
OS X resources.  Note that Apple OS X Frameworks are versioned,
which could be a plus for us.

I have been wondering whether they might be of any use in solving
the QSP/KF5 problem, which is also about sharing between apps…

Could we build KF5 apps on Apple OS X around a KF5 framework
and a Qt5 framework (in the Apple sense of "framework")?  Inside
the KF5 framework there could be an analog of /usr/local/share...

> Can I simply
> copy/move my Qt 5.5 frameworks from their location in
> ~/Qt/5.5.0/5.5/clang_64/lib to ~/Libraries or /Libraries or something
> so they will be in the default DYLD_FRAMEWORK_PATH ?

But you probably meant some other kind of frameworks… :-)

Cheers, Ian W.

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