[KDE/Mac] org.kde.KLauncher service not found [help]

David Faure dfaure at gmx.fr
Thu Oct 1 18:21:59 UTC 2015

Ignore the .service file thing, that's a dbus activation feature we only started using in KF5.
What thud really means is that klauncher is not available on the bus. It's supposed to be started at the very beginning, by kdeinit (at least on Linux).
Check if it's running, and check if it's available on the bus ('qdbus'). Maybe it crashed?

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
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Objet: org.kde.KLauncher service not found [help]

Hey guys,

I knew I shouldn't have done maintenance today (no, really :)) but after about 90 days of uptime including lots of building I felt I owned that to my poor MacBook.

Now I'm getting "org.kde.klauncher service not found" errors mentioning a .service file, including from kded4 which usually is dead silent.

Any idea where that might be coming from? Thing is I don't even have such a .service file on my Linux rig ... I do have the org.kde.KLauncher.xml file, and already verified that linking org.kde.klauncher.xml (small caps name) to it doesn't help.

Any thoughts/suggestions really appreciated!

(David: sorry for CC'ing you if this is not your cup of tea; it concerns KDE4 on OS X in case it wasn't clear.)


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