[KDE/Mac] OS X : org.kde.klauncher5 was not provided by any .service files

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 23:27:01 UTC 2015


It looks I'm getting stuck with my efforts to get a working KF5 frameworks install into /opt/local; I hope this is not because I already have my KDE4 install in there.

After installing kf5-kinit and kf5-kded, kded5 shows the following error:
klauncher not running... launching kdeinit
"KLauncher could not be reached via D-Bus. Error when calling kdeinit_exec_wait:\nThe name org.kde.klauncher5 was not provided by any .service files\n"
kdeinit5: Communication error with launcher. Exiting!

I have:

As a reminder, when I try to start kglobalaccel5, it also fails with the message
"No such object path '/org/kde/kglobalaccel"

while I have the files

I only see "org.kde.XXX' references in the CMake files and in the source, so where do the "kf5_org.kde.XXX" files come from -- not because I have KDE4 equivalents installed I hope?
How is kdeinit_exec_wait supposed to find org.kde.klauncher5 if there's no file with that name, nor any *.KLauncher.service file?

There there's also a crash in kdeinit5 because (from the looks of it) it does an exec-after-fork, which is allowed only in very specific conditions on OS X. It's possible that one was already solved once for kdeinit4, I haven't yet had the time to check that out.


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