[KDE/Mac] Another round of success

meik michalke meik.michalke at uni-duesseldorf.de
Fri May 29 08:36:37 UTC 2015


Am Dienstag, 26. Mai 2015, 11:55:23 schrieb Mario Fux:
> And you might have seen a problem that we have with the infrastructure for
> CI.  Our Macs there are just too weak for all the KDE code (nonetheless of
> course a big thank you to Bradley and Marko for their machines!).
> So does anybody know a good source for new Apple hardware for KDE? Please
> tell  us if you've an idea.

have you thought about virtual machines? i'm pretty sure the EULA clauses 
demanding apple hardware are void in germany (as by court decisions), so the 
KDE e.V. should be perfectly able to run some. this would be much more 
flexible, and since most of the work would be done over the internet anyway (i 
assume), no one would notice the difference.

the only problem could be to get OS X run in a virtual machine in the first 
place. though i've seen several how-tos on the net.

however: IANAL & TINLA. please have this checked first ;-)

viele grüße :: m.eik

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  institut f"ur experimentelle psychologie
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