[KDE/Mac] Trouble applying QSP patch from Qt's codereview

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 22:15:23 UTC 2015

On Thursday March 05 2015 22:24:53 Marko Käning wrote:

> I have version 2.4.5 installed.
> Wondering whether your 2.4.4 actually knows the option “-static” in contrast to
> mine...

Actually, Bradley's VM has 2.4.6 installed, and I've been building Qt 5.4.1 just fine with that.

> > Well that's weird. As you see above libtool isn't a dependency for Qt itself.
> Well, it’s not declared as an explicit dependency, but seems to be used if found.

I've checked the build output from an older 5.4.0 full build, and it gives 0 hits on libtool. That doesn't mean of course that your CI system builds things the same way. I can only suggest that you try my port with your MacPorts install, and then hunt down any differences that might explain your issue.

>  NONE of ImageMagick, gobject-introspection, graphviz, redland or
> > libtool were on the large recursive list of dependents of qt4-mac that
> > I had to deactivate first…
> So, those come in only for qt5 then?!!

devans at macports gave a nice trick (and utterly annoying on a "production" system) to build a port with only the required ports available:

%> port deactivate active
%> port build foo

I don't think I have to explain?


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