[KDE/Mac] building kio on Mac

Alex Merry alex.merry at kde.org
Sat Jun 6 19:23:10 UTC 2015

On Saturday 06 June 2015 13:12:24 Jeremy Whiting wrote:
> One of the reasons I'm not installing into /Library/Application
> Support is to not require sudo. I believe macports itself has policies
> of not installing to either of these paths though, so it's not a
> proper solution for macports I guess.

So it seems like we can't specify defaults that will satisfy even most people, 
let alone everyone. The best I can see us doing is implementing some sort of 
"profile" system in KDEInstallDirs that would switch the defaults wholesale by 
specifying a single argument. I don't know whether that would be worth it or 
not - depends how easy it is to implement and maintain, I guess.


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