[KDE/Mac] Review Request 121992: Add Battery energyFull and energyFullDesign

Kai Uwe Broulik kde at privat.broulik.de
Mon Jan 12 15:35:08 UTC 2015

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(Updated Jan. 12, 2015, 3:35 nachm.)

Review request for KDE Software on Mac OS X, kdewin, Solid, and Lukáš Tinkl.


Add missing implementations of WinBattery::energyFull() and WinBattery::energyFullDesign()

Repository: solid


To properly calculate cumulative values we need to know the actual Wh values of the batteries (deducing it from the current energy and percentage or capacity produces significant rounding errors).

Diffs (updated)

  src/solid/devices/backends/fakehw/fakebattery.h 3066f24 
  src/solid/devices/backends/fakehw/fakebattery.cpp f90cb76 
  src/solid/devices/backends/hal/halbattery.h 0d91009 
  src/solid/devices/backends/hal/halbattery.cpp 24dde4b 
  src/solid/devices/backends/iokit/iokitbattery.h ccf6b20 
  src/solid/devices/backends/upower/upowerbattery.h 0f0c7b6 
  src/solid/devices/backends/upower/upowerbattery.cpp 7c1689e 
  src/solid/devices/backends/win/winbattery.h 5dfe7c7 
  src/solid/devices/backends/win/winbattery.cpp 95dbbb3 
  src/solid/devices/frontend/battery.h 4c3c3f7 
  src/solid/devices/frontend/battery.cpp 7b95fc9 
  src/solid/devices/ifaces/battery.h 055af62 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/121992/diff/


energyFull and energyFullDesign report correct values on UPower here. I implemented it for HAL and Windows as well (and IOKit stubs) but I cannot test these, hence adding kdewin and kde-mac groups. Also, we should really add Q_DECL_OVERRIDE all over the place since adding new methods at 5 different places is quite error-prone.


Kai Uwe Broulik

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