[KDE/Mac] OSX/CI: konversation still fails to run properly

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 22:09:24 UTC 2015

On Monday February 23 2015 10:37:31 Jeremy Whiting wrote:

> Yeah, that seems to be because the dbus files are wrong on OSX looking here
> it looks like the
> /usr/local/share/dbus-1/services/org.kde.kglobalaccel.service file has
> Exec=/usr/local/bin/kglobalaccel5 but kglobalaccel5 is a .app and is in
> /Applications/KDE/kglobalaccel5.app instead of in /usr/local/bin. If we
> update the .service file to point to the right place it should work. Not
> sure how we can make that "fixed" for all the various .service files we
> install in different frameworks, but that is probably the solution.
> In fact I just tested. I changed manually the kglobalaccel.service file to
> have Exec=/Applications/KDE/kglobalaccel5.app/Contents/MacOS/kglobalaccel5
> and it launched kglobalaccel5 just fine, gave no warnings on the terminal,
> and left kglobalaccel5 in the dock (that should probably be changed to not
> appear I guess).

Actually, kglobalaccel used to be built as a regular, non-bundle application.. That's one reason I had to patch the code to make it behave like an agent (= don't appear in the dock) ... and that I only did because it was one of those unwanted apps that kept appearing there (in the dock) without my explicit benediction. 
There ought to be no reason it is now built as an app bundle. I don't think it ever presents a dialog or other widget, it just needs a connection to the window server in order to handle keyboard events.

> As to how to make these changes permanent when building the .services files
> with cmake I'm not sure, how was that done with kde4 based macports stuff?

Not, I think. It's possible that some patches were made "post-destroot" in MacPorts Portfiles, but I have in fact never looked at that.

> > > void QCocoaMenu::insertNative(QCocoaMenuItem *, QCocoaMenuItem *) Menu
> > item is already in a menu, remove it from the other menu first before
> > inserting

That one is due to Qt's heuristic guessmatics trying to decide which menu actions are assigned to About, Preferences and other OS X menu items. I tried to make the error message more useful (print the incriminated menu item/action) but I don't know if that patch made it to my +KDE variant of port:Qt5-mac-devel (yet).

> > > - sound doesn’t work

Did you install Phonon (phonon4qt5), with a backend and all the stuff the backend requires?

> > > While clicking around more and more of those QCocoaMenu::* warnings
> > appeared on
> > > the console.

Who wrote this, in fact?

> > > I guess this is an OSX issue wrt menu roles, which René was working on
> > in the
> > > last while.

Yes, as I said I think it is. I haven't been able to prove that yet, though (didn't try too hard either). That said, the message is about a menu *item*, not a menu *action* (QAction) that's already associated with a menu. So it could be some other Qt-internal glitch, though I cannot recall seeing it in pure Qt5 apps.

Does KF5 Konversation have multiple menu entries with names that share a common string and if so, is that a string that could trigger the menu role heuristics?


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