[KDE/Mac] qt5-mac-devel -> KF5

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Sun Feb 15 16:08:56 UTC 2015

Hi Ian (and René, Jeremy, Brad, …),

cool to see that you’re moving towards René’s fabulous
qt5-mac-devel despite the connectivity issues in down
under! =)

That’s something I myself want to test all along, but
I've just never found the time so far - due to OSX/CI.

If you can successfully test this port, possibly in
conjunction with René's concurrent variant of qt4-mac,
we could finally commit this to MacPorts! That would
be a great help for everyone on MacPorts who wants to
develop for Qt5 and still needs all the Qt4 bits in
place… (I still remember very well the time when I had
two parallel MacPorts installations in place - one for
KDE3 and one for KDE4 - which was a nightmare compared
to that what René’s concurrent ports offer us!)

I figure that - now that you’re on Qt5 as well - we
soon need all the KF5 frameworks as ports. A LOOONG
time ago I wanted to start this step by step, but
it never happened. :-/

But, I think, the setting up of KF5 ports should be
quite straightforward. We’d probably need to introduce
a new KF5 port group for it, which will ease that even

Thanks, René, for your hard work on Qt[45]-concurrency!

It’s fantastic to see the progress made during the
past year! :-)

Best wishes,

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