[KDE/Mac] Second Qt 5.4 build error on OS X 10.7

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 21:39:26 UTC 2015

On Friday February 13 2015 07:41:27 Ian Wadham wrote:

Hi Ian,

> The rot seems to set in at line 785 of the (expanded) attached file.  It gets
> its knickers in a knot about endian-ness.  Even some of the error messages
> get garbled… :-)  See line 801, which I think should say, "previous definition
> is here".  Line 844 is a beauty.  I thought at first some programmer had left a
> comment in Spanish in the code… :-)  The poor old compiler does not seem
> to know if it is Arthur or Martha (as they say in old-Aussie bush slang)…

I think this has nothing to do with endianness. That's something that only comes into play while running your code.

How many compile jobs do you run at once? Could you search for buildmakejobs in /opt/local/etc/macports/macports.conf and set it to 1, and then repeat your port build command (or port destroot, whichever you prefer)? It will just pick up where it left, and fail at the same location, but now there won't be N processes all spewing crud at once to your terminal. That'll make the output much more readable.

If it remains nonsense, and the incriminated file does not itself contain such nonsense (which I hope it won't), then you are likely a victim of a compiler error and you should try to get the latest Xcode for 10.7 . You could also install port:clang-3.5 of course, in that case, but you'd have to start all over all again ...

Really sorry that this is proving such a hassle. Had I known about the previous issue I'd probably have asked Jeremy what commit number he check out, and set up the Portfile to use that version!

Qt 5.4.0 is known to build on 10.7 though, so I hope you're willing to bear with me (do you have a marsupial version of the expression down under there? :D). The alternative would be to build 5.3.2, but KF5 is bound to start using Qt 5.4 features sooner than later so you could just as well go for the current/latest stable version.


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