[KDE/Mac] Kate's status on OSX?

Nicolas Bigaouette nbigaouette at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 17:43:33 UTC 2015

Salut René,

Thanks for the reply! I need Kate in a spoiled way; I think it offers the
best compromise between ease of use and power. The other one I miss is

In any case, do you know if the problem lies with the frameworks or the
applications? Or even in Qt? Any links or bugs you can point me to for the
effort to fix these issues?



2015-02-12 12:27 GMT-05:00 René J.V. <rjvbertin at gmail.com>:

> On Thursday February 12 2015 11:54:45 Nicolas Bigaouette wrote:
> Salut Nicolas,
> > I miss KDE applications on my mac so would like to have them working,
> > specially Kate.
> >
> > After some work I've been able to compile KF5 v5.6.0 and Kate
> > 14.12.2 through homebrew using haraldf's tap[0].
> KF5 has issues currently that are being worked on: applications cannot
> find each other, their configuration files, icons etc. because (in a
> nutshell) Qt points them in the wrong direction and there is no more
> intermediary KDE layer through we can intervene.
> If you really require Kate, you'd do better sticking with the version from
> KDE4. It works for me (through MacPorts), except for keyboard shortcuts
> which I have not yet managed to redefine to follow OS X standards. And it
> can crash when printing (https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=341301) but
> that's probably a Qt bug.
> There are many KDE applications in MacPorts, and quite a bit of effort has
> been made to make them work as properly as possible. I'm writing this in
> KMail on OS X ...
> R.
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