[KDE/Mac] Help my confusion

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 22:24:54 UTC 2015

On Saturday February 07 2015 13:16:05 Jeremy Whiting wrote:

Hi Jeremy guru :)

> KIO is failing to build there. It builds fine on a newer machine, but on
> the old machine I'm getting an error about a missing symbol _environ not

This rings a bell, though of course not related to KF5, nor because I ever ran Lion... I take it you googled the error?

What compiler are you using, clang from Xcode? There is something to say about using clang, but you may want to look at Jeremy Huddleston's recent posts about getting libc++ into MacPorts and older OS X versions. However, I would personally instal clang 3.5 through MacPorts (or build your own :)), or gcc 4.9 which should still be a 1st class citizen on Lion.

Is that a 64bit machine, or is it old enough to be 32bit only?


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