[KDE/Mac] Potential blocker in kdeinit5 and klauncher5 on OS X

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 23:49:07 UTC 2015

On Saturday February 07 2015 10:12:48 Ian Wadham wrote:

> Yes, I saw your post on this list about 10 days ago.  But how do
> I get this port?  It does not appear in "port search qt5" output.

You'd need to set up a local port repository, which really isn't that hard. To copy on my set-up:

- add a line above the entry list at the end of your /opt/local/etc/macports/sources.conf:
file:///opt/local/site-ports [nosync]

- mkdir -p /opt/local/site-ports/aqua/qt5-mac-devel/files
- mkdir -p /opt/local/site-ports/_resources/port1.0/group

(I find it useful to chgrp admin and chmod g+w /opt/local/site-ports before doing in there) 

- copy or download the attachments from my trac ticket into the qt5-mac-devel directory; Portfile and Portfile.qt5 go into that root, the rest into qt5-mac-devel/files, except for qt5-2.0.tcl which goes into /opt/local/site-ports/_resources/port1.0/group .

- (cd /opt/local/site-ports ; portindex)

and then you should be able to do `port info qt5-mac-devel`.

NB: that's the co-installable Qt 5.4.0 port, so this operation shouldn't interfere with an existing port:qt4-mac (of any kind), but the install procedure will refuse to overwrite already existing files.

Then, I'd suggest to proceed with

- check if you have all dependencies right:
%> port -y install qt5-mac-devel +KDE

If any are missing, install them the usual way, sudo and all. Doing it separately means you'll be able to decompose the Qt5 build procedure and run it as yourself.

- configure, in an optional separate step just to save the output for later perusal should something go wrong:
%> port -nv configure qt5-mac-devel +KDE && port log qt5-mac-devel > configured.qt540.log

- set up a fast-access link to the work directory:
%> ln -s `port work qt5-mac-devel` qt5d-mac-mp-work

- now for the step where you'll want to go off doing something else for a number of hours:
%> port -nv destroot qt5-mac-devel +KDE

- if that completed succesfully: 
%> sudo port -nvk install qt5-mac-devel +KDE

And voilà. Don't forget the -k if you want to keep the build directory for debugging and/or doing incremental rebuilds. Should you need to rebuild something, always do `rm -rf qt5d-mac-mp-work/destroot` before doing the destroot step, to be sure no crud remains and also to avoid errors about already existing elements.

Good to know: that work directory is going to be *huge*. So here's an additional suggested few steps:

%> sudo port install afsctool

- between the configure and destroot steps above:
%> afsctool -cfv -9 qt5d-mac-mp-work/qt-everywhere*

and after the destroot step:

%> afsctool -cfv -9 qt5d-mac-mp-work/build
%> afsctool -cfv -9 qt5d-mac-mp-work/destroot

For KF5 you'll undoubtedly also want to do
%> sudo port -nv install qt5-mac-devel-sqlite3-plugin 

That one can be done in a single step if Qt5 installed ok.

and if you are feeling adventurous and want to be able to run your shiny new Qt5 apps on a remote X11 display ;)
%> sudo port -nv install qt5-mac-devel-x11 +KDE

> BTW, I am a Macports dummy.  Basic commands with standard
> /opt/local prefix is about as far as I go…

An experienced and savvy dummy, how's that for a change? :P


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