[KDE/Mac] Change in qt/qtbase[dev]: QStandardPaths: Add XDG_CONFIG_DIRS and XDG_DATA_DIRS paths ...

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue Feb 3 21:13:22 UTC 2015

On Tuesday 03 February 2015 20:41:25 René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> I don't know how real Ford's problem is, but it doesn't sound like a tiny
> and semi-independent Ford branch or subsidiary found itself between a rock
> and a hard place because of a transfer of Ford code into Qt that cut out a
> bunch of middle-classes that they used for part of their work.

This was just an example!

I'm trying to tell you how the interests of ONE party cannot prevail above 
everyone else's. I pick "Ford" as a random example of a company name, I might 
have chosen any other company name, and now you're trying to turn it around 
into guessing what the problem might be. Please read my mail again and you'll 
notice that I was merely replacing "KDE" with "<any company name here>" to 
make you understand why the Qt developers cannot possibly use "we need this 
change due to our internal historical reasons or to fix our CI" as a valid 
reason for any change to go into Qt, independently from the value of "we" in 
that sentence, whether that's KDE, Ford, Blackberry, Microsoft or anyone else.

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