[KDE/Mac] xdg-open vs. open and hunspell dicts

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Dec 5 11:57:50 UTC 2015


Going over KF5 code to adapt to OS X/MacPorts, I came across invocations of xdg-open . That's the XDG (Freedesktop standard) equivalent to our own open command, and it's part of port:xdg-utils .
It's not dysfunctional on OS X (it just opened a few documents in the epiphany browser for me; probably a fallback), but I have no idea how one configures the associations (through KDE itself maybe?), and the port hasn't been maintained for over 2 years.
It also blocks, whereas xdg-open on Linux launches the intended application and then exits.

Question : should I replace xdg-open with our own open **where it is used to open a document in the associated application**?

There's however also a case where xdg-open is used in a shebang expression to make .desktop files executable. Suggestions regarding what to do with that are appreciated - is that supposed to work?

Other question:
Does port:hunspell indeed get its dictionaries from /System/Library/Spelling as I see assumed in one KF5 source file?


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