[KDE/Mac] KDE help-center on OSX useless

Marko Käning mk-lists at email.de
Sat Sep 20 12:24:29 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

> Yes, I have seen it.

ah, ok, good.

> But I have stopped installing +docs owing to the
> extreme laboriousness and massive irrelevant dependencies MacPorts
> goes in for if you are bold enough to ask for +docs on a single KDE
> app… :-) We have discussed this on macports-dev a couple of times.
> I really cannot understand why I need to have all of Tek and a few of
> its translations into European languages.

Yeah, crazy things happen there. Installing doxygen also forces the user
to install whole TeX!!!

> Back in January/February I was definitely able to write documentation
> for Palapeli and to review it on-screen on my MacBook, but I think I had
> to plant a link down in /opt/local to point to my most recently edited copy
> of the doco, which was in my work-area. I don't remember exact details.
> Currently, that version of Palapeli still gets doco, but the one in my kde4.13
> development area does not, because of some problem with klauncher (a
> friend of kdeinit4 ;-)).

Oh, I see. :-/

> I think KDE Help Center could be made to work reproducibly, but I am
> reluctant to do anything about it until it becomes easier to install KDE
> docs using MacPorts. All it needs to do is run meinproc4… :-)

Yeah, unfortunately there was no movement in that direction since then…
Well, I guess that’s a point which I should put on our TODO list then. :)
It looks like we also should keep a more general todo list than the one
meant for the IRC sessions (which seem to be unneeded ATM as the RB activity
rose so nicely!).


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