[KDE/Mac] Slowdown :)

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 07:32:40 UTC 2014

Hello Marko,

On 13/09/2014, at 6:04 AM, Marko Käning wrote:
> with the release of the current KF5 version - but mainly
> for personal reasons - I decided to slow a little down.

I agree.  There is no need to bust a gut over Frameworks/KF5
for Apple OS X.  Slow and steady is the pace.  This is a long
distance race… :-)

> I am exhausted and need some time to rest and recover.
> At least that’s the plan - so I might not be online as
> often and as long... :)

But before you go, did you finally succeed in building Bovo?
Esp. fixing the 'LEFT | UP' problem and C++11.  I wrote you
a couple of emails about that and am sitting here in suspense,
like the guy waiting for the other shoe to drop… :-)

Your exploits caused a stir over on the KDE Games list, with
bad marks from Jenkins CI when building libkdegames and
Bovo.  Libkdegames has now been fixed to build OK with
Phonon (the fallback), but that is not good for games sounds
and performance.

Next weeks' problem is to get OpenAL into Linux Jenkins,
change it to REQUIRED in libkdegames and introduce some
smoother, more automatic way for application ports to KF5
to be tested by Linux Jenkins CI.

So, see how much good you have set in train… :-)

I AM sorry,  though that all that blew up in your face.  I really did
think that "porting to KF5" implies full testing by Linux Jenkins CI,
exactly as it does for changes to KDE 4 apps.

> Keep it going guys!

We will… :-)

All the best, Marko, and I hope you come back soon,
Ian W.

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