[KDE/Mac] Giving up on kdeinit4 and friends

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Tue Sep 2 09:51:44 UTC 2014


On Monday September 01 2014 10:42:44 Mario Fux wrote:

> On the other hand. I just had a short chat with Georg Greve from KolabSys. 
> They are currently working on stabilizing KDEPIM4 on Linux and Mac as clients 
> for their groupware solution Kolab. And although they are not activitely 
> working on KDEPIM4 for Mac they would be interested in people who do...

I'm running kmail at OSX since yesterday, to see how well it stands up combined with my OS X keychain integration.
I'm finding there's 1 thing I'm not really comfortable with: the way passwords are handled. If I set my kdewallet to lock after a (short) period of inactivity, I get unlock requests at irregular intervals - and with the OS X integration they pop up even over full screen videos I might be watching. I'd have no issues NOT saving the credentials, but I haven't yet figured out if and how kmail/akonadi handle in-memory copies of entered passwords, but it's clear that there is some insistence and saving them into a wallet. In other words, I get wallet/keychain unlock requests after entering a password.

I don't really like leaving wallets/keychains unlocked that contain sensitive passwords (including my login password); I like to be able to leave my computer for short periods without having to think of locking it to prevent unwanted access to such information.

Do you know if the Kolab people looking into this kind of issue as well, or if they'd be interested to do so?


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